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Micron Cartridge Filters And Industries
Micron Filtration is filtration of a liquid at very small impurity size. Micron Filtration at SWT is carried out using Cartridge filters, Bag filters and Disc filters. Cartridge micron filtration units operate best at contamination levels of less than 10 ppm. Cartridge filters use micron filtration in Drinking Water systems, Chemicals, Beverages etc. Bonded cartridge filters have a micron filtration range of 5 to 125 micron. Hollow metal fiber membrane cartridge filters are used in micron filtration under 0.5 micron and in Microbiology where micron filtration range is of 0.01 micron. Disc filters are used for micron filtration from 25 to 500 microns. Bag filters carry out micron filtration in bags having pores of size 1 to 200 micron. Bigger bag filters carry out micron filtration at rates of 100 m3/hr
  • Size: 10", 20",30",40" length and 2.5 ‘’ and 4’’ OD.
  • Micron:1,5,10,20 micron
Micron cartridge filter is a kind of deep filter cartridge made of the textile fabric string preciously winding onto the multi hole axles. The structure is like honeycomb: porous outside and dense inside. Using specific technique the fiber yarn is tightly wound on porous core which contributes to good filtration result.
  • Accuracy & Water flow
    Filtering accuracy(um) :1 3 5 10 20 30 50 Maximum(L/min) : 9 12 18 30 37 42 44 Notes: The length of measured filter element is 125mm, the psid is 0.02MPa, water for detected media under the room temperature. Others just by parity of reasoning.
  • Pressure-proof(max): ≤0.5MPa, Voltage drop(max) ≤0.2MPa.
  • Workable temperature(max): Polypropylene fiber: polypropylene framework≤60%; stainless steel framework≤80%. Pledget twine: stainless steel framework≤120%.
  • Bulk and batch chemicals prefiltration.
  • Photographic solutions.
  • Organic solvents.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning solutions.
  • Paints, resins and inks, syrups and beverages prefiltration.
  • Electroplating solvents and solutions.
  • Emulsions, gelatins and glues, machine oils and cutting oils Industrial water treatment.
  • Cooking oils and vegetable oils prefiltration for final precision filters.
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