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A swimming pool, swimming bath, or wading pool is an artificially enclosed body of water intended for recreation or competitive swimming, diving, or for other bathing activities that involved swimming, e.g. play, wading, water exercise, floating around on inner tubes, or merely cooling off on hot days. The chemical Chlorine is usually as a sanitizer, primarily to control bacteria and algae.

One can distinguish between private and public pools: in warm parts of the world private ones and usually outdoors, while public ones can be outdoors or indoors, with some complexes having both. In some parts of the would, a swimming pool for private use is considered a status symbol (an indoor private pool even more so). Swimming pools can be constructed either above ground, or in ground liner).

We are one of the leaders in supplying the Swimming Pool Filtration Plants and accessories. We also take up turnkey projects for Swimming pool especially require micro organisms control and disinfections in order to prevent health hazards. Our systems are designed to disinfect the water without any side effects.

Swimming Pool Accessories such as Stainless Steel ladders, Suction Sweeper, Under Water lights, Hair Strainers, PVC Gratings, Distribution Nozzles, Diving Board, Lane dividers, Skimmers etc. are supplied by us along with Filtration plant.
  • Water clarity problems
  • Cloudy, milky water
  • Green water
  • Rusty water
  • Bather discomfort, including sections on eye sting, chlorine allergy
  • Chlorination problems
  • Water balance problems, including sections on pH, alkalinity
  • Problems with pool surfaces Filtration problems.
Water clarity Symptoms Cloudy/ milky water. There are four possible causes as discussed below.

First possible reason Fine suspended particles floating in the water can lead to a milky white discolouration. This will probably be due to a precipitation of dissolved hardness salts as a result of high pH or high total alkalinity, or both (Precipitation is a process where dissolved minerals get transformed into very small solid particles).

Second possible reason Build up of dirt and bather pollution due to insufficient chlorine or poor filtration.

Third possible reason The effectiveness of chlorine has been reduced in pools using stabilised ie the level of stabiliser (cyan uric acid) are too high. The prolongs the time it takes to kill organisms (bugs) which can proliferate and lead to haziness in the water.

 Fourth possible reason The filter is blocked or is ineffective.

Cloudy/ green water Probable cause At some stage, chlorine levels have fallen, or chlorine has become ineffective, allowing algae to colonise the water.

Rust / red water Possible reason Steel of ferrous metal fittings in the circulation system for example pipes are being corroded by low pH. A shock dose of chlorine will then oxidise the ferrous particles creating rust. This can often happen after re-opening a pool. Bather discomfort.
  • Stinging eyes, sore throat and skin irritation.
  • Blonde or tinted hair turning green.
  • Allergy to chlorine
Symptom Stinging eyes, sore throat and skin irritation. There are three possible reasons: First possible reason This could well be a pH problem the water could be too acidic or too alkaline. The pH of the human eye is around anything higher or lower will irritate. The problem would be made worse if the pH is out to the extent that it changes the species of chlorine.

Second possible reason combined chlorine. Chloramines are known to be an irritant. If you get an unpleasant chlorine smell, its odds on that the problem is due to high chloramines.

Third possible reason Some detergents used for cleaning pool sides and removing scum lines (tidemarks) are incompatible with chlorine. This can unfortunately include may products sold specifically for this application. The resulting reactions in the water can lead to eye and skin irritation. Similar reactions can occur if soaps or shampoos get into the water, for instance, if bathers jump into the pool to rinse off.

Problems with chlorine levels Symptom The chlorine level is difficult to maintain owing to three possible reasons.

First possible reason In outdoor pools, the hypochlorous acid (free chlorine) is being decomposed by ultra violet rays from the sum.

Second possible reason High water temperature. The logic is simple. Bugs are more at home in warm water and breed more quickly. The greater number of bugs will create a higher chlorine demand. As a thumb rule keep in mind if there is a heat wave, if the pool water temperature goes above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the chlorine demand will double for each increment of 10 degrees.

Third possible reason Because chlorine levels have not been high enough, there has been a build-up of pollutants, and therefore an increase in chlorine demand.
  • Ineffective filtration in sand filters
  • Ineffective filtration in cartridge filters
Symptom Ineffective filtration in sand filters

Possible reasons Either (a) sand has escaped from the filter leaving insufficient filter media to take out suspended particles, or (b) the filter is blocked by accumulated debris or (c) the sand particles are coated in calcium.

Remedy For (a), it's simply a matter topping up the sand. If (b), the filter is blocked by debris, backwash. If the problem is persistent, and the sand particles are becoming coated with calcium (more likely in a hard water area), use a filter cleanser.

Symptom Ineffective filtration in cartridge filters

Possible reasons Either the cartridge is in poor condition, allowing particles to pass through it or the demands on it from debris in the water are too great for it to cope.

Remedy Replacing the cartridge is the obvious remedy. If the problem is persistent, try using a filter aid or water clarifier. Failing this, the ultimate remedy is to install a sand filter.
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